The Noffle News Server


Noffle is a Usenet news server optimized for few users and low speed dial-up connections to the Internet. It acts as a server to news clients running on the local host, but gets its news feed by acting as a client to a remote server. Noffle is written for the GNU/Linux operating system and freely available under GPL. (Recent versions of Noffle have been built on other Unix systems, but not tested.)

While Online:

While Offline:

Compatibility with News Clients

Subscribing to groups in full mode should work with any news reader. Caching of articles is unnecessary, since Noffle already caches them and should be switched off.

Subscribing to groups in overview mode or thread mode requires the following from the news reader program:

Getting Noffle

The latest releases of Noffle can be downloaded from the File List of the Noffle Project Page at Sourceforge.
There is also CVS access to the current development version.

Some old RPM packages are available from Jim Hague's Noffle page. Noffle has also been packaged for Linux Mandrake.

Noffle is included in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, thanks to Paul Slootman and Martin Godisch for maintaining the Noffle Debian Package.


Read the files README and INSTALL from the package for compiling and installing Noffle on your system.

Users can talk to each other on the Noffle-Users Mailing List.
New releases and other important news are announced on the Noffle-Announce Mailing List.
Bugs should be reported to the Noffle Bug Tracker.


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